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I really like TF2.
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This spiffy mod gives you zoom, rotation, team colors, and more all in a sleek layout! It’s very simple to install. You have to save it with your Team Fortress files. It might be different for Macs if you’ve got em but here’s where you go from your Steam folder:

Steam » SteamApps »  common » Team Fortress 2 » tf » custom » my_custom » resource » ui

Once you get into the custom folder, the other folders may not exist. That’s okay! The custom folder is basically empty unless you’re already using mods. If the folders aren’t there yet, make them.

Once you’ve made and are in the ui folder, make a new Notepad file. Then, take this ENTIRE text (every line!) and copy/paste it into the Notepad file. Then, save it as classloadoutpanel.res

All said and done it should basically be this:


Then boot up TF2 and it oughta work! 


Oh, I combined two of my favorite things. I:

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If you haven’t seen this yet…..watch it! It is hilarious!

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